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Pistons from AlmetPistons

Have you heard a little bit about Czech society AlmetPistons? If not, never mind. We are happy to introduce it in a nutshell. As already mentioned, this is a Czech company, which in its manufacturing operations engaged in the manufacture of pistons for combustion engines and compressors. The aluminium pistons definitely not a novice. On the market for more than 80 years and has more than a lot of satisfied customers. Indeed, to get acquainted with AlemtPistons and its products can be themselves, such as their home website which can be found at almet-pistons.com.

Czech quality

logo-webNo wonder it uses the term „Czech golden hands“. Quite simply, we must be commended, because the Czechs in general and in all areas of supply to market quality products. Examples are undoubtedly engine pistons from AlmetPistons. During the development of the pistons, that find use in the new combustion engines, seeks company Almet primarily focus on the improvement of the parameters not only in performance, but also the consumption of fuel oil, of course, emission, environment and not least reliability. In addressing the developmental challenges trying Almet company to use not only their long experience, but also cooperation with constructional and technological development institutions.


Almet uses for its production of the latest technology. Pistons are cast using the method gravity casting into metal molds in a fully robotic casting machine and also mechanized casting machines. If it is a small series, turn on manually operated mold. The presses are subsequently cut in semi- or fully-automated lines that guarantee the desired shapes and sizes and shapes. If you would like the company AlmetPistonsa its products more familiar, you may do so at the aforementioned address almet-pistons.com.

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